Meet Our Staff

vidiots_patty_0103_c_loresPatty Polinger established Vidiots in 1985 with Cathy, her friend since age 3, with a mission to offer the community a wider range of films and events. Before Vidiots, Patty worked in International Theatrical Distribution for MGM/UA Entertainment. Her favorite genres of film are foreign and documentary, with a fondness for films with a dark side like… The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Crumb and Withnail and I.
vidiots_cathy_0081_c_loresCathy Tauber opened Vidiots in 1985, after she and her childhood friend Patty saw a need for renting more interesting, independent, foreign, cult documentary films, which were not available anywhere at the time. Before Vidiots, Cathy worked in the music business, spending several years working for Frank Zappa. Cathy Resides in Topanga Canyon, with her husband and dog, Olive, who likes to hang out at Vidiots.
vidiots_maggie_0120_b_loresMaggie Mackay, Executive Director, developed her interest in film as a child in NYC, where she spent hours at Film Forum and her local video store, Rare Bird Video. Mackay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Film Studies from Claremont Graduate University. Among many gigs, she has been Senior Coordinator of the Sundance Documentary Fund, Senior Programmer of the L.A. Film Festival, and Director of Nominations for the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Mackay proudly came “home” to her video store roots when she joined Vidiots in May, 2016.
AngelaAngela is Director of Programming for the Vidiots Foundation. She grew up as a Vidiot! She was a regular customer at Vidiots as a teenager before joining our team in 1996.
She’s a huge fan of vintage screwball comedies by Howard Hawks and Preston Sturges as well as classic costume dramas such as Room With A
View and Sense & Sensibility. Angela is also a screenwriter and is a contributing writer for the LA Weekly.


RyanRyan has worked in video stores since he was 16 years old and joined our team in 2003! He’s a sucker for a great documentary and
has deep knowledge and love for international cinema – especially ‘The Greats’ like Akira Kurosawa, Robert Bresson, and Michelangelo
Antonioni. Ryan is also a musician. You can catch his band, The Standards, jamming at Vidiots now and then.
ClayOriginally from Minnesota. Clay is the Vidiots Foundation Program Coordinator.  He is a writer and actor living in the temperate and picturesque San Fernando Valley. His favorite film is James L Brooks’ Broadcast News. He has an uncanny way of guiding customers to their perfect movie. Clay has an encyclopedic knowledge of television shows, both old and new, and can always get you started on a show you didn’t know you loved.
SpencerRobbie is the Program Manager for Vidiots Foundation.  He was born in a small, potato-farming town in Northern Main and got outta there as quickly as possible. He migrated to Los Angeles to fulfill his destiny of running trivia night at Vidiots.
ShayneOriginally from the east coast, Shayne has been enjoying living in sunny LA for the last 4 years. He is always seeking new cinematic adventures and also enjoys candy, puppies, and innocent mischief. Some of his favorite films are Naked Lunch, Alice, Last Tango In Paris, Antichrist, and The Doom Generation