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General Questions

Q: What are your hours?

A: Video Store:
Monday: Noon – 10PM
Tuesday: Noon – 10PM
Wednesday: Noon – 10PM
Thursday: Noon – 10PM
Friday: Noon – 10PM
Saturday: 11AM – 10PM
Sunday: 11AM – 10PM

Movies screen daily – check our calendar for titles and times!

Q: How do I talk to a human?

A: Call us during regular store hours at (323) 474-6249! We strive to pick up within two rings, but we’re a small team, if you end up going to VM, please try us back in a few minutes! 

Q: Where do I park?

A: There is ample street parking in Eagle Rock all around Vidiots, and a 29-car public parking lot at 5065 Caspar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041, an approximate 6-minute walk to/from Vidiots. We strongly encourage ride shares (especially if you’re planning to enjoy our beer and wine bar), walking if you’re nearby, and public transportation (check out Micro Metro, it’s so affordable and we have stops a few steps from the Eagle)! When parking on residential streets, please be absolutely sure to check your parking to avoid blocking driveways (some neighbors will tow), and be mindful of noise as you’re navigating to Vidiots! 

Q: How can I find out what movies you’re showing? 

A: Our schedule of public screenings is HERE. We generally post our screening schedule a few weeks in advance, but to stay informed on the most up-to-date scheduling announcements, added screenings, invites to free screenings (consider joining as a Member for those invites!), and event info, please sign up for our newsletters HERE, and follow us on Instagram HERE.

Q: How do I purchase tickets?

A: Tickets can be purchased online (upcoming screenings and events listed HERE) or onsite at Vidiots. For weekday shows, doors typically open an hour and 30 minutes before a show’s published start time. On weekends, doors will typically open 30 minutes before a show’s published start time. If you have questions about door times, please feel free to call the store during open hours at: (323) 474-6249. If you can stop by and tickets are still available for a show, our amazing staff will sell you a ticket onsite during open hours.

Seating at Vidiots is not assigned, we strongly encourage ticket holders to arrive at least 15 minutes before a show’s published start time to ensure ample time for check-in and seat selection. Please be aware: at the start of a show’s published start time, empty seats may be released to “standby” customers, as such, Vidiots cannot guarantee late-entry once a program or film has started.

Q: If I try to purchase a ticket online and it says “Walk-Up Only” what does that mean?

A: When you see a show that’s listed as “WALK-UP ONLY” on our website that means that online sales for that show are closed and we are reserving a limited number of tickets at the door for day-of sales. Walk-up tickets are first-come-first-served, the walk-up line opens 45 minutes before a show’s published start time. When “Walk-up” tickets are all sold, the line will turn into a “Standby Line,” we may have a very limited number of seats remaining five to ten minutes before the start of a show’s published start time.

Q: Now you’ve confused me. What is a “Standby Line”?

A: It’s a crazy world out there. Sometimes people buy tickets for shows and then no-show. When and if possible, Vidiots reserves the right to fill a limited number of no-show seats with people from the “Standby Line”.

Q: Are movie tickets refundable?

A: All ticket purchases are final. There will be no refunds. Exchanges may be made up to 2 hours BEFORE a show’s published start time by visiting Vidiots in-person, or by calling Vidiots at (323) 474-6249. Exchanges will not be available after the film you purchased tickets for has played. In the event of a cancellation by Vidiots (e.g. power outage, weather, or emergency), Vidiots will issue a ticket voucher which will be sent via email each ticket holder. Vouchers may be used for screenings at a later date.

Q: How much are our video rental prices?

A: $2 for members or $3 for non-members.

Q: What kinds of films do you program?

A: EVERYTHING, and not just film. Okay, we’ll try and get more specific – Vidiots offers a full calendar of diverse and eclectic screenings and events, including repertory titles, under-screened gems, sneak-peeks and word-of-mouth screenings of new titles by emerging and underrepresented artists, and all the new, classic, and under-screened everything-you-can-imagine, including indie, international, and documentary titles that demand to be seen on the big screen.

Q: Can I rent out Vidiots for my birthday or my movie premiere?

A: You bet! Hit the EVENT RENTALS page of this website for details and contact information.

Q: I’m obsessed with Vidiots and willing to sell my soul to work there! Will you hire me?

A: We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who wants to work with us! When positions are available at Vidiots, they will be posted here, on our IG posts and newsletters, which are the first and best sources of information for all job and volunteer opportunities!

Q: How do I learn about volunteering?

A: We’re always on the lookout for great new volunteers to help out in the video store and theater! If you’re interested in learning more reach out to

Membership Questions

Q: Why should I join as an Annual Member?

A:  Fantastic benefits at all levels, a tax-deduction (as your accountant and current tax laws advise), AND the warm, fuzzy feeling of directly contributing to the rehabilitation of not one, but TWO landmark film hubs in the City of Angels. 

Q: What’s the difference between a Founding Member and an Annual Member? 

A: Founding Members are donors who support at $5k and above. Founding Members are gloriously recognized on our beautiful Founding Member wall in the lobby of The Eagle Theatre. They also receive Annual Member benefits for one year. Founding Members receive additional benefits depending on donor level.  Click HERE for more info!

Q: Can I still join as a Founding Member? 

A: YES YES YES! Please email our Executive Director Maggie Mackay for details (, or head HERE for more info. 

Q: When does my membership begin?

A: Your annual membership begins the day you purchase your membership (a gifted membership will start the day you set your recipient to receive their membership notification via email). Your benefits are solid for twelve months after that glorious moment! 

Q: Can I gift a movie-loving friend or loved one an annual membership?

A:  Absolutely, now that’s what we call a good friend. When buying a membership, choose “I’m purchasing this membership for: Someone Else”. Fill in your loved one’s info, write them a message (if you so desire), and you can even schedule delivery for a specific time!  

Q: Can I upgrade my membership?

A: Yes, but we have to help you out a little, email us at, subject line “Can you help me upgrade my Vidiots Membership?” and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q: Can I let my friend/family member use my membership?

A: Sorry friends, Vidiots’ memberships are non-transferable, but you can definitely head HERE to learn about our dual-membership option!

Q: Does my kiddo need a membership?

A: We love our lil’ Vidiots! For the video store, all humans under 18 in your household are included in your membership plan. We will have limits on what they can check out based on their age and your permission. For the movie theater, your ticket discounts will be based on the membership type, i.e. an Individual membership gets you one discounted ticket, and a Dual membership gets you two discounted tickets. Have no fear, though, we offer student discounts on movie tickets for humans under 18! 

Q: Do I have to have a Membership to attend Vidiots events and screenings?

A: Not at all! The beauty of Vidiots, both the video store and movie theater, is that you can come browse, talk, watch with us however and whenever you can. That being said, Membership includes great benefits and seriously helps to keep our doors open and projectors on!

Q: Can I get a refund on my membership?

A: We do not offer refunds or exchanges for Memberships. Memberships are charitable contributions to Vidiots Foundation 501(c)(3). They are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. While we cannot offer refunds on Membership, if you find yourself in a funky situation, e.g. you signed up and two days later decide to move out of state, we can help you transfer your Membership to a film-loving friend, within reason, we are here to help, and you may email those questions to

Q: What film formats will you be showing? 

A: 35MM, state-of-the-art digital projection, and 16MM projection in the Eagle, and state-of-the-art digital projection in our flexible micro-cinema! 

Q: Where can I see what film formats are playing? 

A: We strive to show films on the best possible format available from a film’s distributor. Most films at Vidiots are screened on a digital format, when we screen a film on 35MM, it will be referenced in the film listing. 

Q: Can I bring in outside food + beverages?

A: Outside beer and wine are not permitted at Vidiots, but we won’t make you hide your coffee-from-home or those gummy worms deep inside your bag. That being said, our prices are fair, our popcorn really is the best, and every time you purchase a bite or drink at Vidiots, you’re helping to keep us in business! Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing in and consuming hard alcohol on Vidiots’ property. 

Video Store Questions

Q: How much are rentals?

A: $2 for members or $3 for non-members. 

Q: What formats do you rent on?

A: Most of our 60,000 titles are on DVD and BluRay. We have an 11,000-tape VHS collection, including many rare, impossible-to-find-elswhere tapes. We’re working hard to protect, preserve, and grow our VHS collection, so we may not be able to rent certain tapes. 

Q: Do you take physical media donations?

A: Hell-to-the-yeah. We’re tight on space, so we prefer your collections of BluRays, rare tapes, out-of-print DVDs, and hard-to-find gems, but please be sure to email us if you’re looking to rehome your physical media, and we can help figure it out:

Q: Are my physical media donations tax-deductible?

A: You are welcome to research the market value of each piece of physical media you are donating, create an inventory list with the accompanying approximate value of each piece, including the total of donated goods, and submit a hard copy when you send to or drop-off at Vidiots, and we can supply you with a receipt to provide your accountant or tax advisor.

Q: Do you have your physical media inventory listed online?

A: We do! You can click here to view our rental library catalogue, which updates in real time so you can see if something is currently available or not. You can search by title, actor, director, or keyword/phrase. However, this is a long-term project that involves inputting 60,000+ titles and related information, so it may take time to get those listings complete. In the meantime, you’re always welcome to call or email with your inventory questions, or come on in, and we can search the shelves! If we don’t have something, we’ll go to the ends of the physical-media-earth to find it for you – we love a treasure hunt. 

Community + Accessibility

Q: Is your venue accessible?

A: Yes! The main theater, the Eagle, offers six wheelchair spaces with companion seating. The seating is located in our back row, accessible from the theater lobby. The small theater, the MUBI Microcinema, also offers six wheelchair spaces with companion seating. The location of spaces is flexible, as the microcinema has non-fixed seating. We will offer Dolby’s Accessibility Solution with Assistive Listening and Closed Caption devices for closed captioning and assistive listening in the near future. Films with Closed Captioning and Audio Description will be indicated on the film’s page. These devices will be able to be picked up at the box office and are available to use in each theater.

The wheelchair accessible entrance to the theater is located in the video store. Movie tickets may be purchased online, at the box office, at the video store, and at the concession stand. For every screening, there will be six “Wheelchair Accessible Space” tickets available at our $9.00 rate, which can be purchased in advance or on-site. Please note these tickets may sell out in advance. Email if you have any questions.

For any additional questions regarding accessibility, please email

Q: Do you offer free community events and education programs?

A: These are some of the programs and events we are most excited about. Our education programs will take a little more time to get fully funded and up and running, we’re still fundraising and hoping to launch in 2025. If you have interest in donating to support our education programs, please visit our DONATE page, consider joining as a Founding Member, or email Executive Director Maggie Mackay at: But free screenings are available from time to time, and we’ll be working up to more regularly scheduled free screening (especially for Members), so keep an eye out for our newsletters and on our Instagram! 


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