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Waiting for Guffman

Opens on November 28

Director: Christopher Guest Run Time: 84 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1996

Starring: Bob Balaban, Catherine O'Hara, Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Fred Willard, Michael Hitchcock, Parker Posey

Screenwriters: Eugene Levy, Christopher Guest

Producer: Karen Murphy

Take center stage with the Blaine community players as they prepare for the town’s sesquicentennial celebration and a stage musical that they’re all praying will take them to Broadway. Before Schitt’s Creek, before Best in Show, this beyond hilarious group of gifted improvers and comedians gathered to bring us one of the funniest movies ever made and ushered in the era of the mockumentary. Featuring brilliant improvised performances, endlessly quotable lines, ludicrous musical numbers, and more laughs per minute than 1,000 Tik-Toks, Waiting for Guffman is the kind of film that never gets old and only gets better when watched with a crowd. So, don’t be a bastard person, quit biting your pillow, and stop in to get a Coke and laugh your ass off, because it’s the day of the show y’all!


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