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Opens on November 20

Director: Agnès Varda Run Time: 105 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1985 Language: French with English subtitles

Starring: Macha Méril, Sandrine Bonnaire, Setti Ramdane, Stéphane Freiss, Yolande Moreau

Writer: Agnès Varda

Producer: Oury Milshtein

If Agnes Varda made a film noir this would be it.  Opening with the discovery of the dead body of Mona played by Sandrine Bonnaire frozen in a ditch. We travel back to find her hitchhiking in the bleak French countryside. Through interviews with the locals who encountered her, we discover she was a drifter. A victim hero, seeking pure freedom and meeting with society’s uncontrollable urge to trap and tame all wild things. A cinematic masterpiece of female self-expression filled with stunning landscapes. Complete with rich interiors and characters that we have come to expect in Varda’s film.


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