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Poster for Too Late for Tears
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Too Late for Tears

Opens on November 21

Director: Byron Haskin Run Time: 99 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1949

Starring: Arthur Kennedy, Dan Duryea, Don DeFore, Kristine Miller, Lizabeth Scott

Screenwriter: Roy Huggins

Producer: Hunt Stromberg

N.E.L.A. Confidential! Film Noir Goddess Lizabeth Scott is hot as fire and cold as ice in this smoky tale of double-crosses, ill-gotten gains, and throwing corpses from the paddle boats in Westlake. Through a fluke occurrence, a suitcase filled with $60,000 is tossed into a money-hungry woman’s car, and she is determined to hold onto it through any means, including those old noir standbys seduction and murder!


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