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The Wedding Banquet

Opens on June 25

Director: Ang Lee Run Time: 109 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1993 Language: Mandarin Chinese and English with English subtitles

Starring: Gua Ah-leh, May Chin, Mitchell Lichtenstein, Sihung Lung, Winston Chao

Screenwriters: Ang Lee, Neil Peng, James Schamus

Producers: Ang Lee, James Schamus, Ted Hope

A gay Taiwanese-American man balances his traditional parents’ wishes for a heteronormative life with his own relationship and a marriage of convenience to a tenant, culminating in a grand sham wedding with a raucous outcome in Ang Lee’s touching cross-cultural comedy of manners. As Wei-Tung’s parents arrive in New York to watch him get married – as his boyfriend looks on — worlds and lives collide in a hilarious story of queerness, assimilation, and changing yourself to live up to parental expectations.


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