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Poster for Sweet 16mm: Stop-Motion Explosion!

Sweet 16mm: Stop-Motion Explosion!

Dates with showtimes for Sweet 16mm: Stop-Motion Explosion!
  • Sat, Apr 27

Run Time: 90 min. Format: 16mm Film

Vidiots welcomes you back for more 16mm celluloid oddities with Sweet 16mm: Stop-Motion Explosion!, a program of adorable, mesmerizing, and mind-blowing stop-motion animation from the 1940s to the 1980s. In a world saturated with CGI, we’re opening the vaults to celebrate when historical, fantastical and anthropomorphic creatures were hand-sculpted and manipulated into “life.”  This program of delightful shorts from around the world includes work by Ray Harryhausen, Karel Zeman, Bretislav Pojar, and Art Pierson, everyone’s favorite amphibian buddies Frog and Toad, and includes some shorts so rare, you won’t see them outside of Eastern Europe. Bring the kids or your besties for a show that’s millions of minute movements in the making! Everything screened on 16mm film.

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