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Poster for Sweet 16mm: Retro Tech

Sweet 16mm: Retro Tech

Opens on March 16

Run Time: 100 min. Format: 16mm Film

We’re firing back up the 16mm projector to bring you more celluloid oddities and rarities with Sweet 16mm: Retro Tech. It’s a program of educational films, Sci Fi rarities and more from the 60s through the 80s heralding the “coming” world of robots, time and space travel, laser technology, and the home computer explosion of the 1980s. Slightly ridiculous and definitely out of date, this compendium of vintage technology will be screened entirely on 16mm film from the legendary archives of Oddball Films and A/V Geeks. So, turn off your Apple 2C and get ready for some obsolete technology on celluloid.

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