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Poster for Sweet 16mm – Antique Animal Antics

Sweet 16mm – Antique Animal Antics

Opens on November 25

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Run Time: 90 min. Format: 16mm Film

Vidiots welcomes you back for more 16mm obscurities with  Sweet 16mm – Antique Animal Antics!, a program of vintage films from the 1940s-1970s full of adorable, hilarious, and anthropomorphic animals.  Decades before TikTok, CGI, and the Buddies franchise, these furry film stars were gracing the silver screen, making us laugh, and warming our hearts. The program’s beastly brigade includes smart squirrels, a cheeky chimp on vacation, a frisky calf, bear cubs wreaking havoc on a camping trip, mice doing flips, bunnies, puppies, and of course a healthy dose of kitties. Bring your kiddos or your besties, because who couldn’t use a celluloid smorgasbord of cuteness?

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