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She-Devils on Wheels

Opens on August 4

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Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis Run Time: 82 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1968

Starring: Betty Connell, Christie Wagner, Nancy Lee Noble, Pat Poston, Rodney Bedell

The Man-Eaters, an all-girl motorcycle gang, spend their time terrorizing a local community, race each other for first pick of their male groupie “stud line,” and throw raucous orgies in their clubhouse. Led by sexy but tough-as-nails Queen (Betty Connell) and big, brutal Whitey (Pat Poston), the girls initiate cute little Honeypot (Nancy Lee Noble) into the gang, then start a turf war with Joe-Boy and his group of hot rodders. Gory highlights include a man being decapitated by the gang and another man being dragged along the ground attached to the back of a female biker. Gonzo sex and violence courtesy of director H.G. Lewis and writer Allison Downe. Shot in two weeks for $50,000 and using a cast of mostly real life biker chicks, the dialogue in this film has a poetry all it’s own: “Go fumigate yourself, craphead! We don’t owe nobody nothin’ and we don’t make no deals! We’re swinging chicks on motors and Man-Eaters on wheels!”


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