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Poster for Season of the Witch
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Season of the Witch

Opens on April 13

Director: George A. Romero Run Time: 89 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 1972

Starring: Ann Muffly, Bill Thunhurst, Jan White, Joedda McClain, Raymond Laine

Screenwriter: George Romero

Producer: Nancy Romero

A psychological slow burn from the dark mind of George Romero. Joan Mitchell is ill-content with her current life as a bored suburban housewife to a controlling and violent businessman. After she receives a Tarot reading from a local mystic, she finds herself delving into the dark arts and into a fantasy world that threatens to absorb her entire reality. Shot with a miniscule budget, Romero helms this dark drama as writer, director, cinematographer, and editor.


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