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Poster for Ring, Ring: A Doorbell Cam Fantasia
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Ring, Ring: A Doorbell Cam Fantasia

Opens on July 6

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Run Time: 90 min. Format: DCP

Presented by Museum of Home Video

Museum of Home Video is a weekly found footage livestream for stoners, seekers, archivists and drinkers. MOHV presents a new feature-length edit that’s chilling and all too-real! Plus, the program’s rounded out with a found footage trove of horror movie ephemera.

Our modern surveillance state is built one doorbell cam at a time. Nearly one in four U.S. homes is decked out with them; they’re literally everywhere. Thus the subculture of viral doorbell cam mixtapes was born, highlighting an ocean of creepy human behavior befitting a slasher film. In Ring, Ring, you’ll see the very best of porch thieves, patio punks, door-to-door doorbell lickers, local yokels flipping birds, scared-stiff missionaries, wasted grandmas, killer klowns, Karen-style freakouts, armed assailants, autonomous lawnmowers, pyrotechnic explosions, rainy day weirdos and the pure soulless eyes of chaos.


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