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Poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Opens on November 23

Director: Steven Spielberg Run Time: 115 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1981

Starring: Harrison Ford, John Rhys-Davies, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, Ronald Lacey

Screenwriters: Lawrence KasdanGeorge LucasPhilip Kaufman

Producer: Frank Marshall

Join Vidiots for the adventure of a lifetime when we set out in search of treasure with none other than Indiana Jones in arguably the most entertaining action film of all time! When Dr. Indiana Jones — the tweed-suited professor who just happens to be a whip-crackin’ celebrated archaeologist — is hired by the government to locate the legendary Ark of the Covenant, he finds himself up against the entire Nazi regime. With humor, action, face-melting Nazis, and the ever-potent star power of Harrison Ford and Karen Allen, you can’t go wrong with this powerhouse of a movie!


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