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Muriel’s Wedding

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Director: P.J. Hogan Run Time: 106 min. Release Year: 1994

Starring: Bill Hunter, Jeanie Drynan, Rachel Griffiths, Sophie Lee, Toni Collette

Screenwriter: P.J. Hogan

Producers: Lynda House, Jocelyn Moorhouse

Hilarious, touching, and offbeat, this rapturous comedy from Australia is for anyone who’s ever felt like an outcast. Muriel (Toni Collette in her star-making role) is a loser — unemployed and trapped in a family of misfits with a long-suffering mother and a crooked politician of a father, she seeks refuge in her boombox and an endless loop of Abba songs. Breaking free (with the help of some stolen cash) she moves in with the wild party girl Rhonda (Rachel Griffiths) in the big city and gets a job at a video store, slowly becoming a strong independent woman who chooses her true self over her fantasy version. Truly one of the best stories of female friendship and self-worth, Muriel’s Wedding is a present of a film for the former loser in all of us.


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