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Last Things

Opens on March 15

Director: Deborah Stratman Run Time: 50 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 2023

Starring: Lynn Margulis, Marcia Bjørnerud, Valérie Massadian

Producer: Deborah Stratman

Last Things looks at evolution and extinction from the perspective of the rocks and minerals that came before humanity and will outlast us. With scientists and thinkers like Lynn Margulis and Marcia Bjørnerud as guides and quoting from the proto-Sci-fi texts of J.H. Rosny, Deborah Stratman offers a stunning array of images, from microscopic forms to vast landscapes, and seeks a picture of evolution without humans at the center.

An entrancing blend of hard science and ephemeral existentialism.” -Michael Fox, KQED
Stratman’s haunting, iridescent work of science-nonfiction actively decenters the human perspective, narrating the history and the speculative future of the universe with rocks as its protagonists.” -Devika Girish, Film Comment
Astounding.” -Robert Koehler, Cinema Scope


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