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In Her Name

Opens on February 8

Director: Sarah Carter Run Time: 102 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 2022

Starring: Ciera Danielle, Erin Hammond, James Oliver, Nyambi Nyambi, Philippe Caland

Screenwriter: Sarah Carter

Producers: Sarah Carter, Cynthia Bravo, Ciera Danielle, Erin Hammond, Philippe Caland, and John Humber

Featuring a conversation with Sarah Carter (Writer/Director/Actor/Producer), Erin Hammond (Actor), Philippe Caland (Actor), James Aaron Oliver (Actor), Cynthia Bravo (Producer), Iain Trimble (Cinematographer), Ali Helnwein (Composer), and Kevin Barth (Editor)

A dramedy about estranged sisters forced to confront the misery that has become
their lives while dealing with their egomaniacal, formerly-important-artist father’s descent.


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