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Dates with showtimes for Frankenweenie
  • Sun, Oct 22

Director: Tim Burton Run Time: 87 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2012

Starring: Atticus Shaffer, Catherine O'Hara, Charlie Tahan, Martin Landau, Martin Short

Screenwriter: John August

Producers: Tim Burton, Allison Abbate

Re-animate your weekend with Tim Burton’s adorably oddball animated send-off to horror, with enough goofs and gaffs for the whole family. Young Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) is a science nerd and outsider at school, but he does have one good friend: his dog, Sparky. But then, tragedy strikes, and Sparky shuffles off this mortal coil. Victor is heartbroken, but his science teacher (Martin Landau) gives him an idea of how to jolt old Sparky back to life. The experiment is successful, and all goes well, until Victor’s fellow students steal his secret and use it to resurrect other dead animals — with monstrous consequences.


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