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First Time Female Director

Director: Chelsea Peretti Run Time: 97 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 2023

Starring: Benito Skinner, Blake Anderson, Chelsea Peretti, Kate Berlant, Megan Mullally

Screenwriter: Chelsea Peretti

Producers: Amy Poehler, Deanna Barillari, Chelsea Peretti, Kate Arend, Jordan Grief

Aspiring writer Sam (Chelsea Peretti) is thrust into the role of director when the Regis Theatre’s director is fired. Hand-picked by the theatre’s artistic director, Sheldon (Andy Richter), Sam is asked to direct the Regis’ upcoming Southern-inspired play, ‘Rain’s Comin’ In.’ Sam dives into the opportunity, and hilarity ensues as she struggles to wrangle the eclectic cast–including classic theater kid Rudy (Benito Skinner); over-trained amateur Clara (Kate Berlant); vain, tech-addict Davina (Meg Stalter); theater vet Marjory (Megan Mullally); acting savant Simon (Jak Knight); and Corden (Blake Anderson), whose minor acting credits give him high status in the company. Barely making it through each rehearsal, Sam vents to her eccentric therapist, Meg (Amy Poehler) and even turns to the Regis’ arrogant-but-dorky usher, Robbie (Max Greenfield), for drunken comfort. As Sam struggles to understand why she can’t seem to nail her production, she tries different tactics to make her play a success. Will she finally hit it big? Or will being a first-time female director lead her to try a totally different career?


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