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Opens on October 27

Director: Christos Nikou Run Time: 113 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 2023

Starring: Annie Murphy, Jeremy Allen White, Jessie Buckley, Luke Wilson, Riz Ahmed

Screenwriters: Christos Nikou, Sam Steiner, Stavros Raptis

Producers: Coco Francini, Andrew Upton, Cate Blanchett, Christos Nikou, Lucas Wiesendanger

What if love could be tested for by technology? In this low-fi sci-fi film that is both painfully romantic and slyly speculative, Anna (Jessie Buckley) and Ryan (The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White) have had their love scientifically certified as true. When Anna secretly starts working at a love testing facility, she finds herself drawn to her coworker Amir (Riz Ahmed) as they take couples through a series of love-building activities before the big test. As sparks fly and fizzle for others, Anna begins to explore her own newfound feelings — feelings that science says she shouldn’t have, but that her heart refuses to ignore.

“The kind of slow-burning, darkly funny romance that’s pretty rare” — The Verve

“Buckley shines here, particularly in the comedic moments after making her name in a slew of bleak AF dramas. Similarly, Ahmed is delightful in this lighter romantic space. He plays yearning exceptionally well and brings a grounded-ness to the otherwise bonkers conceit.” — Entertainment Weekly


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