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Dracula’s Daughter

Opens on October 29

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Director: Lambert Hillyer Run Time: 71 min. Format: DCP Release Year: 1936

Starring: Gilbert Emery, Gloria Holden, Irving Pichel, Marguerite Churchill, Otto Kruger

Screenwriters: John L. BalderstonGarrett FortDavid O. Selznick

Producer: E.M. Asher

One of the earliest examples of the Lesbian Vampire canon, Dracula’s Daughter is both a trailblazing piece of queer cinema and a thoroughly dark, gorgeous, and moody entry into the Universal monster pictures franchise. After Count Dracula’s destruction and Van Helsing’s murder trial, Dracula’s daughter, the enchanting Countess Marya Zaleska played by Gloria Holden, is still alive — or at least undead — and her father’s death has brought her no closer to eradicating her vampiric thirst for blood. She turns to psychiatrist Dr. Garth (Otto Kruger) for help in freeing her from her cursed condition, but soon finds herself struggling with the desire to inflict her curse upon him and draw him into her darkness.


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