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Butterfly in the Sky

Dates with showtimes for Butterfly in the Sky
  • Sat, Apr 27
  1. 7:00 pm Sold Out

Director: Bradford Thomason, Brett Whitcomb Run Time: 87 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 2022

Starring: LeVar Burton

Producer: Bryan Storkel

In-person conversation with LeVar Burton

Vidiots welcomes legendary actor and literacy advocate LeVar Burton for a special screening of the heartfelt documentary Butterfly in the Sky. Two seconds into the bubbling synth sounds of its theme song will have a child of the 1980s or ’90s exclaiming “Reading Rainbow!” Such is the beloved and ubiquitous nature of the classic children’s literary television show that introduced millions of kids to the wonder and importance of books. Not only did the series insist on having kids speak to kids about their favorite stories, but Reading Rainbow introduced the world to one of the most adored television hosts of all time: LeVar Burton. Thanks to his direct, non-patronizing and, most importantly, kind delivery, Burton became a conduit to learning for children of every background — an entrancing guide to subjects unknown.

A heartfelt, beautiful celebration.” — Slashfilm

“Butterfly in the Sky truly is a beautifully done documentary full of truth and the kind of direct-to-camera soul soothing that Burton is known for. Make sure to have your tissues ready.” — Black Girl Nerds


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