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Being There

Opens on April 3

Director: Hal Ashby Run Time: 130 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 1979

Starring: Jack Warden, Melvyn Douglas, Peter Sellers, Richard Dysart, Shirley MacLaine

Screenwriter: Jerzy Kosinski

Producer: Andrew Braunsberg

Hal Ashby, Jerzy Kosinski, and Peter Sellers join forces on this brash and ridiculous political satire, skewering the entirety of Washington society and much of America in the process. Sellers – in one of his career-defining roles – plays Chance, a television-loving gardener for a rich and well-connected elder gentleman in Washington DC. After his employer dies, Chance – who’s got “rice pudding between the ears” – unexpectedly blows away everyone he meets with his fresh and “philosophical” way of looking at the world and becomes the toast of the town. Sly, silly, smart, and scathing – Being There is a must-see of 70s cinema. After all, “life is a state of mind”.

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