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Poster for Before I Change My Mind
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Before I Change My Mind

Opens on March 1

Director: Trevor Anderson Run Time: 89 min. Format: Digital Release Year: 2022

Starring: Dominic Lippa, Lacey Oake, Matthew Rankin, Shannon Blanchet, Vaughan Murrae

Screenwriters: Trevor Anderson, Fish Griwkowsky

Producers: Katrina BeattyAlyson Richards

Writer/Director Trevor Anderson in person

Vidiots welcomes filmmaker Trevor Anderson for a special screening of the film festival darling Before I Change My Mind – a tender, enjoyable, and oft-hilarious coming-of-age tale that sings with authenticity and heart.  It’s 1987, and Robin is the new kid in town. Newcomer Robin (played by nonbinary actor Vaughan Murrae) befriends the school bully as their classmates debate their gender identity. Robin must navigate the precarious world of middle-school crushes, harassment, friendship, and a synth-pop take on Jesus Christ Superstar (Mary Magdalene – Video Star). So tease your bangs, grap your Walkman, and head down to Vidiots for one of the sweetest movies in years.


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