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A publicly-accessible rental library of 70,000 titles on Blu-Ray, DVD, and VHS. We’ve been growing our collection since 1985, adding everything we can get our hands on to create the most comprehensive and diverse selection of movies, television, and media of all kinds, including short films, music videos, and experimental work from around the world. We have everything, from the newest film titles to impossible-to-find, straight-to-VHS, you-name-it. The beauty of the video store is that all this work, spanning the entire history of film, lives under one roof, for your browsing and viewing pleasure. 

Come find your next favorite film in our expertly organized aisles, free from algorithms, enhanced by recommendations from humans. You’ll never get a “leaving soon” notice about any title, and there’s no annual fee to rent with us (though we highly recommend joining as an annual member for lots of fun and cost-saving benefits). We pride ourselves on building an inclusive community of film-lovers both behind the counter and among our aisles. 

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