Movies are a huge part of most American’s pastime and certainly that goes double fold for residents of Santa Monica who are simply surrounded by the movie culture.  So of course it goes without saying that DVD rental has to be a tremendous part of the area lifestyle as well. What better place to take advantage of DVD rental opportunities than visiting  Vidiots Foundation!

This is the place to be and their reputation for being the best in the area when it comes to video and DVD selections has no true equal. Just imagine the fun you will have as you search for your favorite films amongst their 50,000 videos and DVDs. The selections and choices of genres is immense and includes the classics, the newest chart breakers, mainstream, cult, independent and documentary; just to name a few.  Best yet are the well schooled staff that can guide you through this literal movie land nirvana.

In addition, you do not have to feel like you are over your head in trying to make heads or tails whether it is a Kieslowski or a Kubrick. But there is more to Vidiots than the movies and DVD rentals. They also have wonderful Santa Monica Screening Room where workshops are held by directors, writers, teachers and performance and visual artists who love film just as much as you do. Creativity and satisfying customers who breathe in the essence of great films and movies is quite apparent. Once you become a customer you will most likely find yourself being a loyal regular and who knows, in a short time you could be returning as a performance artist or director making your screening debut right at Vidiots. So whether you are in the hunt for your favorite cult or classic film or you just want to stop in for a movie screening or lecture, this is where it all happens.  Be a part of it and head over to 302 Pico Blvd in Santa Monica between 3rd and 4th street.