The excitement is always building when it comes to walking through the doors at Vidiots.  This is the place to be for those who love film and movies. I know you will want to congregate and make new friends and develop great partnership in the pursuit of the study of and celebration of film.  Another excellent reason for enjoying Vidiots is its always memorable Charity Buzz Auctions which benefit their wonderful causes.

But celebration and support of the community is part of the defining character of the owners of Vidiots since its inception in 1985.  In addition to their excellent charity work they also have a deep devotion to partnering with area schools, community organizations as well as educators, artists and filmmakers.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn about the classes as well as panel discussions and screenings that are held in their beautiful and quite comfortable Santa Monica Screening room. Here you can relax and take in all the terrific expert advice and experiences that are shared

The other cool part about Vidiots is the outstanding DVD and movie collection that they have amassed over the years. When it comes to finding some of the truly great and outstanding classics or cult favorites there is no other location in Los Angeles than Vidiots.  Imagine having the luxury of wading through over 50,000 hard to find and unique film titles.  I guarantee you that if there is a documentary you have been searching for or a classic movie that has evaded your search, then search no more.  Vidiots is very likely to have it.

Being in the center of the movie industry universe is such a fantastic opportunity for residents who love the film and movie buzz.   You may at any given film screening or movie workshop see a visiting film  industry stars like Anjelica Huston, Stacy Peralta, Catherine Hardwicke, Les Blank, or Oliver Stone.

So stay in the know by checking out Vidiots as well as supporting their  charity Buzz auctions.

Charity Buzz