Do You Have What it Takes to WIN Movie Trivia Night?

Vidiots Foundation challenges you to finally put your movie knowledge to use. Go up against other true movie nerds and you can win big prizes.

GRAND PRIZE: Unlimited FREE Rentals (two at a time) for a month

$10.00 entry fee per person. Bring a team up to four people!

1st place team also wins their own shelf in the staff recommendation section of the store.

2nd place team wins three free rentals to be used any time and, more importantly, chooses the final category for the next monthly trivia night.

Soda, popcorn, snacks are free. Bring your own beverages/beer/champagne if you’re so inclined.

Event begins at 7:30 PM. Parking available at 1821 Min St. and 333 Civic Center Dr.