Free Screening of James Cameron’s THE TERMINATOR with host Ryan Maker on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30 pm

Celebrate the birth month of James Cameron with the film that started it all! Vidiot Ryan Maker will be hosting a free screening of the original TERMINATOR from 1984.


Arnold at his finest! Here we would normally write a synopsis of the film, but if you don’t know the story you’ve probably been living under a Titanic-sized rock and therefore wouldn’t have access to the internet to read this. But in case you’ve recently surfaced and stumbled upon a computer with free Wi-Fi here’s all you need to know: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a kickass robot death-machine from the future.


Courtesy of Orion Pictures here’s the original trailer:

The screening is free, no RSVP necessary. Just bring some buddies and get ready for a good time.