SUNSHINE SUPERMAN PG – Doc, Bio, Sport – 1hr & 40 minutes A heart-racing documentary portrait of Carl Boenish, the father of the BASE-jumping movement, whose early passion for skydiving led him to ever more spectacular -and dangerous- feat... read more

YOUTH R – Comedy, Drama – 2hr & 4 minutes YOUTH is about two longtime friends vacationing in the Swiss Alps. Oscar winning actor Michael Caine plays Fred, an acclaimed composer and conductor, who brings along his daughter (Rachel Weisz) an... read more

THE AMERICANS (SEASON 3) Crime, Drama, Mystery – 13 Eps. (44 minutes) Season 3 of this period drama heightens the intensity as Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) face increased dangers, moral dilemmas and new family secrets amid risi... read more

DRUNK HISTORY (SEASON 3) TV-14 – Comedy, History – 13 Eps. (22 mins) A series that spoofs the past with inebriated reenactors. Visit the show’s IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes page.

THE FALL (SERIES 2) TV-MA – Drama, Thriller – 6 Eps. (1hr) It has been ten days since Paul Spector told Detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) that she would never catch him. DSI Gibson must draw closer to identify and track down Belfast&#... read more

10,000 KM R – Comedy, Drama, Romance –  1hr & 39 minutes A couple split between Los Angeles and Barcelona struggles to remain connected as technology threatens to tear them apart. Visit the film’s IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes page.

THE BENEFACTOR Drama – 1hr & 33 minutes A newly married couple (Dakota Fanning and Theo James) are forced to navigate the all-consuming interest of a powerful, mysterious, and possessive philanthropist (brilliantly played by Richard Gere). Visit... read more

IN THE HEART OF THE SEA PG-13 – Bio, Action, Adventure – 2hrs & 2 minutes In the winter of 1820, the New England whaling ship Essex was assaulted by something no one could believe: a whale of mammoth size and will, and an almost human sens... read more

MACBETH (2015) R – Drama, War – 1hr & 53 minutes Macbeth is the story of a fearless warrior and inspiring leader brought low by ambition and desire. A thrilling interpretation of the dramatic realities of the times and a reimagining of wha... read more

PARIS BELONGS TO US (CRITERION COLLECTION) Mystery – 2 hours The story begins at the end-with a mysterious suicide. Curious as to why a young Spaniard would take his own life, Betty Schneider visits many of the places frequented by the dead youth. S... read more